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What You Should Know

A typical home buyer finds a property that fits a desired location, aesthetics, household needs, and price range. But, unlike other major purchases your ability to evaluate a home before you actually own it is very limited. Unknown to most buyers, much of the home's value rests in its less apparent inner workings and major systems and components. In many cases an untrained buyer will not recognize the significance of common home issues which are more familiar to an experienced licensed inspector. The reality is that regardless of the homes age and condition deficiencies are discovered in nearly every home inspection. Consequently, the inspection is intended to give you the information you need to decide if you can accept the home as it is, if you'd be willing to buy it under certain conditions (such as the sellers addressing certain issues before closing), or if you should keep shopping for the right property. 

A comprehensive home inspection will reveal the true condition of the house. A Suburban Consultants Home Inspection Report breaks down the inspection findings in an easy to understand section by section analysis. Our report is not only a snap shot in time of the property condition on the day of the inspection, it is also a useful reference book of the home for years to come. Using state of the art inspection tools and technology we examine everything and encourage the buyer to join us throughout the process. Our inspection will answer any questions you may have and many more so that you can make an informed decision about buying and maintaining the property.


Simplifying Home Inspections

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions and investments you will ever make. A Suburban Consultants home inspection will give you a clear, unbiased evaluation of a home's condition, answer any questions you may have, and help give you peace of mind during the decision making process. Our findings are provided in the form of a comprehensive inspection report, which includes a detailed section by section property analysis, color photos illustrating specific points of interest, and a report summary clearly outlining any known deficiencies and potential trouble spots. At Suburban Consultants we encourage our clients to accompany us during the home inspection. This gives buyers a chance to examine the homes inner workings first hand and to gain detailed information about maintaining its systems and components. We welcome you to visit our Sample Reports page to view samples of our comprehensive home inspection reports, the client report binder, or our Downloads page to view selected Home Buyer Information resources & links.